Welcome to mystery of UNIVERSE
1996/4/19 ; Friday, from the study meeting

A universal purpose is because of the growth of consciousness.

@From consciousness of the world of light (A universal structure 1)

We are in the cause of the energy which has existed since this universe was created. As a matter of fact, that isn't right though a creator was being called with your word till now by such a name. I want to talk from that today and first.

Perhaps, when the Creator and such a name are heard, you have many people who understand that human existence of one person created all of space. That is really wrong. We are not human beings first. And, it is not such a life, either. We are not energy, either.

First of all, there was light most in the beginning. The light was light which shone on everything, there was a life, and grew up. We had consciousness in that light at first. I began to clear consciousness after it spent the time when it could be said as the infinity as well in that light.

Aside from consciousness of "me", there was a thing which had consciousness. There was a thing which had consciousness in the same light. That consciousness was earlier than I, and had consciousness. But, we aren't the same again if we aren't special. That consciousness can contact me anytime. But, that consciousness and my consciousness are another consciousness. Light could be emitted, and the various things of this consciousness could change again, too. When I developed my own consciousness little by little, it began to think about variety.

Such consciousness how much in all might exist. At least, that confirmation hadn't been taken yet though it thought as the consciousness which could be said as the infinity as well except for me had already existed. Supposing that let's take various consciousness and a communication, I began to move. There had various consciousness. Then, it had the value that each was really different, and had a function. It was very pleasant. It had various consciousness, and a communication could be taken to each other, and each could give very interesting discovery.

It has been gradually understood that they also think it to be similar to me. The number of consciousness was increasing freely in this light, and it began to take a communication to each other. What was the cause of this light? To search for it, we did the various adventures. Wherever we went, it was light. There is already consciousness from it ahead when we are spoken as which consciousness. We did not meet the first consciousness yet. I am continuing that adventure now.

But, various things were learned while I talked to the various consciousness in the middle of that adventure. The thing of this consciousness made anything possible. A certain consciousness could create its other self soon. Therefore, consciousness was created one after another. A certain consciousness could create the articles that the one except for himself was really different. This was a strange function, too. I could do really another function with me.

While it is done like this and various consciousness and communications are taken, it is finding that it has the characteristics that each consciousness is really different. We didn't find why it was like that, either. However, it was strange. There was no thing of the really same consciousness.

It was good at creating the structure to make this consciousness grow as my characteristics. I could create various structures to have various experiences. Then, other consciousness was made to experience that, too, and it found that consciousness grew by that greatly. Besides, I have not heard the one that such a structure can be done still so much. At least, it is thought that only my ability.

I thought that I created the structure of as wonderful growth as possible by using this ability. What kind of thing what is the structure to make it grow most? I always tried that, and created it variously. This structure made to grow is the universe to say with your word. In other words, the system of the universe is the system which my consciousness created, and the general idea of the universe doesn't necessarily exist in other consciousness. Moreover, another mysterious thing is done.

Hardly significant will been understood from such a meaning in the expression of creator. Necessarily I said in the beginning, the expression of creator is not suitable, and it is shown from such a meaning. When communications are taken between other consciousness when growing up, and reaching this consciousness, either of your consciousness is good. The consciousness which exists though what says the universe isn't experienced, they are wonderful consciousness. It exists as much as the wonderful consciousness which exists in this light is close to the infinity. You will be able to meet such consciousness later on, too.

We give this universe like this, and it is managed in the structure that it was created and which was given to it. Now, "we" were said. "We" It says calling the companion of similar consideration generically at such time. In my foundation, the first consciousness and foundation are these of me who describes a little while ago. But, I myself repeated an experience in this universe many times, and then such a thing created another consciousness, too. When saying calling this various consciousness and these generically, word "We" is used.

As for the whole figure about this, as a matter of fact, no one has been understood by a human being on this earth by the thing of this universe yet. In general, it is taught that there is universe besides this universe where you live. This is not an error with this. But, I don't want mistaken. The consciousness that another universe was created with consciousness that this universe was created is the same consciousness originally. However, the creator exists respectively by the creation of space when a word creator is used from the conscousness as one originated wave motion. Therefore, it is another Creator with the Creator that another universe with this universe of yours was created. But, that reaches one consciousness if it follows in consciousness of the foundation.

The consciousness which each Creator has, that have the consciousness of "I am the Creator." However, there is original subtler consciousness in the interior. This is the consciousness of the foundation. In other words, the thing of consciousness of the Creator is only to be the part which made the wave motion of the original consciousness a little low still. To tell the truth, it exists by can say that such universe is infinity.

Why does the universe exist like that? This was created for the experience, too. The consciousness of the Creator grows freely, and begins to approach in consciousness of the foundation which is the same as us. It starts acquiring the experience fast, and the consciousness of original light start for that. They are acquiring the experience fast for that.

As for consciousness of the Creator, which becomes a level like us. I am speaking with consciousness of this present light. This is the consciousness of the much higher level than consciousness of the Creator. However, the Creator can always talk with us. Therefore, it doesn't have recognition to say, it is high and low at all. A communication is taken as a company of the same consciousness. Then, a communication is taken to each other with consciousness of the Creator which exists in each every universe as well.

There is an idea of that consciousness in each every universe, and there is a role, and the universe is created freely, and it is working because of the growth.

Well, let's try to see the one universe of that.

How are we watching your world? Our consciousness and the consciousness that a communication is always taken exist as the Creator. The creator creates his universe, and it is enjoying various things. It is learning that various experiences are piled up and it is new so that one may grow up. Various structures therefore are really being used.

When that universe is created, you must surely sometimes do some. You must surely create the structure to make consciousness grow. How do you make consciousness grow? This varies according to the universe. It varies in the universe at all. The articles of the soul are created, and that makes consciousness grow by piling up an experience in your world. Other universe isn't necessarily limited so. There is universe where the articles of consciousness are made to grow with really another system.

For example, as for a certain universe, the structure which the consciousness which just made consciousness break up and which broke up makes grow is being created. And, there is a place to make consciousness grow with such a structure that the structure that consciousness itself filters in the universal whole is created and which expands freely in a certain universe. It is being created by wisdom of each Creator, the originality and the idea.

Freely is left how each consciousness to be active at all. The thing of this individual consciousness has various ability. Energy can be created, too. Phenomena can create such articles, too. Life can be created, too. It is the figure that interchange with such consciousness, this are final. It is our figure in the world of the light beyond the universe.

Then, we ourselves look for the first consciousness most, and it is looked for, and the trip is being continued. But, wherever it goes, there is no limit. Consciousness increases freely. That is very pleasant. Now, it is done like this, and I am only talking to you, and this is a wonderful experience. Then, it has the another consciousness that I am being seen to do it like this and it is glad, too. It has the consciousness which it says as "It is doing what is strange.", too. The matter that it is very interesting is being done now.

The world of the light which we say is really the world of the light beyond the universe. Light was created in your universe in darkness. Therefore, light and darkness always exist. Only light exists in our world. Light was all from the beginning. There is no thing of the outside of this light. Even if all goes to the light, where, light. Consciousness is active in that light.

It is very pleasant that consciousness associates. It surely has love to each other, and associates. A partner is respected. Are you the consciousness which did what kind of experience? What kind of things are your characteristics? It is done so, and a conversation begins. It always answers like this in case of me. I can create the structure to make consciousness grow. Take down your consciousness, and try to learn in this structure. Various things can be studied.

New consciousness is created, and all the processes for that to grow gradually can be learned in the structure which I created. A part of my consciousness was taken down as your Creator, and the Creator in your universe, this were created. I know the various universe in others. Then, it knows that it is the universe where your universe is especially interesting.

Your universe is the really wonderful universe. The Creator that your universe was created is the very wonderful Creator. Much universe has ever been created by now. Your universe is probably the seventh or the at least eighth universe for that Creator. The various universe was created. Then, last universe tried to give an especially interesting challenge for the Creator. How wonderful universe is formed when the wonderful ability which each Creator had was brought and then that was gathered. And, the Creator which it cooperated with was looked for.

Then, it came one after another. Use my energy. This energy of mine, please. Much Creator came. Only a very excellent thing from that was chosen, and that was adopted. It can rise from as wonderful light as possible. As big energy as possible can be acquired. Other consciousness is respected more, the ability which only distributes energy can be acquired. It was devised variously though only much wonderful energy was collected and then the universe was created.

The Creator that your universe was created was begun, and it really thought about various things. There is existence which cooperated with others as well variously at that time. Other existence took out various wisdom, too. If it was how or it did like this, it was how, or this structure proposed various things. Then, a universal structure was created with the Creator.

To be especially interesting is that the system which this Creator could be involved in by itself as much as possible was created in a place to vary even of that. Not only the universe was just created, and the Creator wasn't being watched, but one created many structures to practice an experience directly of that. And, it depends, and one can learn directly, and also grow greatly. It looks forward to this as a Creator, too.

Other Creator is so, too. The universe is only and only just created, and there is not half of the interest. One actually experiences it there, and such a structure to learn by doing something is surely being created. Your universal Creator is so, too. The so many matter that it was strange was done for that as well. Your Creator created the various structures that the behavior that the Creator itself could be done so many things. That created some wonderful ways of doing it, too.

The consciousness created by the Creator can use only consciousness inside that range persistently. But, the Creator can use all the energy of the member who cooperated when this universe was created at the same time. The Creator created this structure. Therefore, every energy was mastered, and various experiences were piled up when it was active in the universe where the Creator varied directly.

It will be understood soon why we are doing such a story now. It doesn't care even if it doesn't understand now yet. As a matter of fact, this does a very difficult story now. Time to know again later on will come. First of all I want it to listen because it is advanced just like this now.

The situation which your Creator was surely involved in itself and that or it had to be involved was surely established. And, then such a structure learned by oneself was created and it acted as the role oneself. The Creator can be experienced there oneself. Then, it lets the Creator grow 【 this universe 】 with cooperating with other consciousness. It was created so that it could get joy there again.

Well, it actually comes to say this your universal Creator from consciousness of me. Therefore, all of me know that it is thoughts of your Creator. But, it is only your Creator persistently that it can be involved directly in your universe. Other Creator isn't permitted to be involved directly. Even I am not doing a thing to be involved directly, either. Only, a communication is always taken.

For this time, it came to tell me for your Creator that to come in the very important time now. When your universe comes in the very important time now. This is the structure created on purpose in the meaning with your Creator, too. Your Creator becomes time to act as the role from now personally. That can be accomplished safely. That was set up personally, and this universe was created. The turn is created personally, and then that time comes now for the Creator.

The Creator has the wonderful energy which can be used only for the Creator. It has much energy which can't be used for which human being and the master as well. The Creator can act as the personal role by mastering that. I can have all know the existence of the Creator by showing the power made only in the Creator here. It can learn that other people vary by this.

Now, the planet of the earth which you are in now, this have a big point in your universe. Your Creator decided that it was involved in the planet of the earth directly now. Then, the star of the earth was created by using the Creator's own energy personally to reform it very. And, such was thought that this universe was intended to be changed more, too.

This was an exorbitant plan. Then, that progresses now. Other who will never believe that, too. It isn't understood whether even you believe it. However, your Creator tries to put that into action.

There was a purpose of varying, and the planet of your star and the earth was created. But, each other's adjustment can't be taken at all because there is much existence which has the purpose of varying too much and which is involved too much. Therefore distortion occurs here and there. That distortion is with a mere emergency measure as much as it isn't repaired. It is trying to remodel your Creator from there fundamentally. It tries to change that with energy of the Creator. This is the explanation that it is being done now.

The planet of your earth changes wonderfully from now, and that shines, and we are looking forward to becoming the wonderful planet which light is made to reach from even in the universe. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to see that your Creator begins to function from now personally, too.

We are watching your universe with such a viewpoint now. We are the first time with to talk to the life of the human being of the star of the earth in such a way of doing it natural. Only, as for other universe, it has ever spoken. As for your universe as well, it ever talked to much existence before. It isn't really rare. We do it like this, too, and we are very much making the matter that various consciousness and a communication are taken joy. Therefore, when this opportunity is here, I always take the lead, and participates in that. It is a very happy opportunity.

It is a really pleasant experience to say that it can talk with a life like you, too. The thing that the star of the earth varies according to cooperating with your Creator greatly from now. Then, the thing that wonderful brightness is brought even if it is taken in this universe. That is understood well, and it wants you to do its best, too.

Though I don't specially have the thing of the name, a human being always seems to want to listen to the name. I don't specially have a name. It thinks with the former former former consciousness of all this universal consciousness, and doesn't care. Then. Thank you today.


We spent very important time now in this. It is now wonderful very that you experienced it now. It is really blessed to do such an experience.

The matter that it is strange from now is done freely this. We ourselves have interest very much, too, and watching it. Then, let's take a rest here a little. Thank you.

About the inconsistency of the evolution with the earth and global mankind

It is really wonderful that you experienced it as much as a point. Then, a wonderful experience again may come from this as well. We make various structures now, and change it. Such articles collapse one after another as to the idea which the people in the earth till now. That is original meaning. When the earth was created, a lot of masters were involved, and a structure was made till now. There was so many quarrel happened in that process, and a confrontation happened. Then, one itself was restricted because it was rejected and distinguished. As a matter of fact, one itself was restricted the moment "We are different from them." had such recognition.

That limitation wrapped this earth as the various general ideas from which time. This earth is locked up with a general idea of the various limitations therefore. First, remove all these limitations. And, that become no really discrimination between various life, there is no distinction, it becomes one, each other can exchange it, that becomes possible.

Various structures are being done for remove that limitation. As for you, the general idea made till now, and an idea collapse consequently one after another. However, that is the evidence that the limitation which one made, that disappear.  Understand that well.  That can be seen in the eyes freely from now, and it is happening.  The articles which you yourself thought of till now "It is like this for sure." collapse freely.

A very wonderful age comes from now. All of us are doing all best with everyone all strength somehow "Let's make this earth the star which is full of the wonderful light." We are praying to want it to cooperate with "God in the earth" really together, too.

We talk about this earth a little from now. The star of this earth is the planet which this universal Creator was involved in directly and which was created. Various meaning was put and created. It was made to embody all the various structures in this universe in this earth. Then various life was brought in this earth, such an environment which each other surely grew up to be is created. It was created with the aim of that.

Various existence created a plan when the plan of the planet of this earth began. How do you collect life, and make it grow? When all life is brought at a stretch from the beginning, it becomes confusion. It is brought from the thing that development is immature in turn in this earth. Then, various new life together is brought at the same time with the evolution. That's about it. It began from a little thing like a microorganism at first, and big life was brought freely. All of that as well were planned, too, and it progressed as planned.

That the plan is stopping being suitable gradually. It is it a little as much as front when the thing of mankind are born. The confusion of the various plans is arising, because it was late rather than it thought that the speed of the evolution of the planet of this earth.

When it was compared with other planets, this earth was the planet of the class that evolution is very slow. It often occurred that the experience that therefore it had been cultivated in other planets wasn't so useful, and that modification was done frequently. Such conditions that the conditions of the evolution became irregular again for that modification which occurred repeatedly happened.

That exceptional measure was done when the race of the human being was born. Originally, when it went with the actual flow, mankind on the earth was supposed to appear very at the rest.  Then, it came to make mankind appear a little early because it wasn't either enough. Some exceptional measures were done for that. It was modified so that it may made the structure to make mankind born first and then it may fitted a wave motion to that and to raise it.

Such an exceptional measure was decided to be done after this many times. For, it did from the conditions of the magnetic field of the planet of the earth, and there were many cases which didn't proceed early and which tended to be delayed and which was very much of the evolution of life rather than it thought. A wave motion was given forcefully, and raised, and it had been put well together therefore to be only a little but to take back delay. It could make use of only the articles which survived in that in case of other life even in the next age somehow.

However, after mankind appears, that has stopped being well. Mankind acts with personal intention, and he is being given the intention that various choices personally are done. The influence of this is big with being surprising. If it was silent, mankind was chosen only with the standard for a judgment fitted to the slow evolution. But, it wasn't often utterly enough, and it was always a point with that how to adjust that.

It is always late if it is left to the choice of global mankind. But, it was invalid and it wasn't forgiven unless that mankind chose that when it was done forcefully and it tried to raise it. After therefore mankind has the initiative, it becomes very difficult that evolution on this earth.

After all, mankind is entrusted with the choice and they has to notices that in hastens, and grows a little earlier. Such a place is made many times. The structure that evolution was hastened by global mankind's own hand was made. Various phenomena therefore are happening. A quarrel happens, material is followed, it can say that a structure to do forcefully and which is made to hasten evolution. A destructive act can't ignore the damage which it could only get by that, either. Earth itself was become more and more sick.

As for this earth, earth itself experienced pain for mankind's evolution and the exchange. Then, it is in such conditions that it isn't made, and mankind chooses which way, or the way which it has already done what with now comes even in the verge that the future of the earth changes at all now.

The earth will be probably destroyed if it passes till now and global mankind is entrusted with the choice and left just like this. It is doing its best even if much existence speaks to you and inspiration is sent to mankind and delayed as much as possible to stop that. However, the earth's own energy becomes weak very much, and only just and only gives you inspiration, and becomes the conditions that recovery isn't settled.

Now, to be necessary is that mankind all really notices it and acts. However, that is haunted by a very realistic problem. What should mankind do now in these conditions? As for global mankind, that earth is that it may be destroyed as to the thing that it lives on the earth. Originally the way which global mankind should choose is clear in this. It is to save the earth. However, there is hardly a human being who takes that out to the mouth. There are many people who don't have even sense of crisis. However, it can't give up. It can't be ignored. Of course, you must be done.

Even the energy of a human idea sense of one person has very wonderful ability. You should try to acquire that well, too, and try to tell other people, and try by one yourself, and try to practice it from now because it tries to practice some together.

First, the consciousness, as much as to unify it with consciousness of this earth, it is taken in the condition of the transparent consciousness. Take your consciousness to the heart of this earth. The consciousness of the earth tries to take a connection with you now.

I am speaking from consciousness of the earth now.

We become desperate now, and we are doing our best.

We can't destroy ourself.

As for anything, we must last.

I must keep the star of this earth absolutely.

What are you human being doing?

We are not here so that it criticizes your behavior. Only, consciousness is turned to the earth more, and the energy of love is sent, and it wants the energy to be the same washed away to all other life as well. Now, I want the strong energy of the way that you live in all together in the whole life of the earth washed away.

All the trees of the earth are covered with green, and it wants it to pray the thing that the earth shines to the refreshing wind beautifully with beautiful water of pure oxygen to shine beautifully with the light from the wonderful sun, this strongly. Then, I want a feeling of a way that the energy of love is washed away to all the life and to live together shown.

We do our best as much as possible. We do our best to the last end. Every time you have an opportunity, too, I want the energy of love washed away to much other life.

The earth is not only human articles. Various other life has right to live, too.

I sometimes want a thing like this done. Then, thank you.

To choose a way with the light.

As for being in such conditions now, this earth is thought what is understood well. It depends on the human choice what happens from now. I want it taken so that such energy may really appear from all the human beings if it can be done. It is finally human drive though we can do our best for a while somehow. It is left to the human choice. To choose the way for light where to have all human beings. Amen.


I am your Creator. It thinks that it could have the reason that I began to work on the ground directly later on understood with consciousness like a point. I give a hand directly in the three-dimensional world, and change the earth. There is no other method in that. To understand it well. I want it understood that it is said that I appear directly. Then, you worked so hard today. Thank you.

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